We all know that we want to eat healthily, but, let’s admit it, sometimes the very process can be an all out chore. This is where rewarding yourself can help you to stay on track and not stumble. Keep in mind when we say reward, we do not mean in the sense of junk food. If you reward yourself in that manner, then you would not be eating healthily, and, to be honest, could very well back-slide. The rewards that we will refer to here are all non-food based.

When was the last time you can honestly say you were able to have some “me” time? That long huh? Well, why not take a day of doing nothing but relaxing as a reward for sticking to your healthy eating regime. You can recharge without having that lingering feeling of guilt about it.

Or maybe you can take some time to pamper yourself as a reward? Enjoy a massage or perhaps a mani-pedi. Or better yet, why not take the plunge and get that new hairstyle you have been dreaming about?

If you are craving something more than just “me” time or pampering, maybe you can try a new experience, perhaps a fun game MrGreen or visit a popular restaurant you have been hearing about. Maybe check out the latest chick flick at the local cinema. Just trying something new to reward yourself can have a remarkable effect.

Finally, maybe buy yourself something that, otherwise, you would talk yourself out of. Is there a pretty new dress you have been coveting? Or perhaps a handbag and matching shoes? Whatever it is, you deserve it for sticking to your healthy eating routine.

Healthy eating in itself offers many benefits to your well-being. But sometimes rewarding yourself can help you to stay on track, and at the same time, give you something to strive, and look forward to.