If you eat meat but have vegan, raw food, or vegetarian friends, you may have noticed that some how, when having a meal with such friends, you can easily avoid meat. However, when you try cooking a vegan meal by yourself, it leaves you hungry and you crave meat.

The reason why vegan and raw foodists can create meals that are satisfying without meat, is because they understand the fundamentals of quality nutrition. Eating raw or vegan foods can provide a person with all the needed nutrients, but learning how to create meals that do not lead to cravings of other foods can be a challenge.

Your body uses the foods that you eat to extract energy from them and provide a variety of nutrients for its cells. For your body to function at its best, it needs proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. You also need to have a digestive system that is working well so that your body can break down all the foods into simpler elements.

When you get started with removing processed foods from your diet, and introduce more raw foods, you will most likely experience cravings for processed foods with added sugars such as fast food, snacks and baked goods. This is absolutely normal. When you consume a lot of foods with added sugars, sugars often satisfy not just our physical but also emotional needs, for quick boosts of energy. When you introduce more raw foods, your body will become healthier. You will also get used to the fact that you can have sustainable levels of energy throughout a day and your emotional need for sugary foods will go away, too.

The first rule of healthy eating is to add more foods that have low-calorie density, such as broccoli or spinach. Because of the low density, the amount of food may be high and your stomach will be full, but at the same time, your body will not have a hard time processing it all.