To stay nourished all day long, you want to eat a diet that includes a lot of fresh, nutrient-dense plant foods.

Processed foods will typically give you a lot of energy in the short term because of the high levels of sugars in them. What happens next, typically after 30 minutes to a few hours after you have a meal that consists of processed foods, is that your energy goes down significantly. People then try to boost it back up with coffee and more sugar. This is a really unhealthy way to approach a diet.

Vegetarian, vegan and raw diets work in a very different way. They provide you with a constant stream of nutrients and energy throughout the day.

You always want to start your day with a good and healthy breakfast. If you are on a raw food diet, such a breakfast may consist of a smoothie or a green juice.

A quality breakfast is important for several reasons. First, it will give you energy so that you won’t start looking for sugary bars, snacks or doughnuts a few hours after you wake up because you suddenly feel hungry and absolutely need to eat something. Second, it will set the tone for the day. It is easier to stay on track and eat healthy throughout the day when you get started the right way.

Here’s what typically happens with people that don’t eat breakfast. They go to work or start their chores soon after they wake up.

They realise that they are hungry on the way to work or when they are in the middle of something. By then they don’t have the time to prepare any foods and if they are on the road, most likely they have easy access to sugary foods but no healthy foods around. They end up eating something unhealthy and then keep eating processed foods throughout the day.